Industrial Solutions

Managing Manpower, Parts and Materials Data. Planning the WorkOrder For the Shop Floor. Sequencing and Scheduling Processes for Individual Workstations. Initiate Jobs with all the necessary information and Setup Data.

One-Click Solution to Generate various Production & Quality Reports for Engineering and Management Reviews. Identifying Defect Condition & Escalating Corrective Action.

Collect Remote Environmental Data for Analysis, Control and Monitoring.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Reporting Solutions to push Essential Operational Data back for. Monitoring, Analysis & faster Followups.

Mobile Asset Management Systems. Track asset information on the go from any location. Manage Documents, Loans and Maintenance information.

Cloudbased backend to Manage Operations and push Reports from even Regional or Worldwide Work Sites


Providing suitable personel for audits, review and consultation for 3rd Party Projects. We outsource dedicated technical teams to provide service & support for operational systems. Our technical teams can work in-house to operate and consult on process reviews, performance, optimization and other quality improvement projects. We do also provide staff to support various ecommerce and security operations.